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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1, Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While eating lunch at Wetzels's, Jake asks Cohn how his writing is progressing. What is Cohn's reply?
(a) He says that he has decided not to write anymore.
(b) He says that his writing is speeding along and he is on the final chapter.
(c) He says that he can't seem to get started on his second book and he is worried.
(d) He says that all is going well and he is half way through his second book.

2. When Robert Cohn returns to Paris from America, he is a changed man. In what way does he change?
(a) He wants to elope with Frances immediately.
(b) He knows he is deeply in love with Frances.
(c) He withdraws into himself, rarely going out.
(d) He is not so simple or so nice, and not as pleasant to have around.

3. Why doesn't Brett want Jake to touch her?
(a) She loves him and can't stand that they are unable to do anything about it.
(b) She is not feeling well.
(c) She loves someone else.
(d) She has no feelings for him.

4. How did Robert Cohn spend his time while in Europe with Frances?
(a) He starts a new arts magazine, and wines and dines Frances.
(b) He goes back to school and studies law.
(c) He takes up painting and sculpture.
(d) He writes a novel, reads books, plays bridge, plays tennis and boxes.

5. What does Jake do when he gets to his office after breakfast?
(a) He reads the French morning papers, smokes and sets to work on the typewriter.
(b) He has a cup of coffee and then decides to go home.
(c) He sits at his desk, wallowing in self-pity.
(d) He tries to concentrate on his typing, but can't hold a clear thought.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Jake referring to when he says to Brett, "you like to add them up."?

2. Where does Jake tell Cohn that he met Brett?

3. Who does Brett leave the dance-club with?

4. Why does Robert Cohn go to America after three years in Europe?

5. After graduating from Princeton, Robert Cohn is bitter and self-conscious. What is one of the first things he does?

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