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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1, Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A forceful woman, Frances, hopes to gain success working with Robert Cohn on the magazine. She urges him to go to Europe with her when the magazine shuts down. What else did she want from him?
(a) A partnership in a new magazine
(b) Money
(c) Marriage
(d) Children

2. What happens to Robert Cohn when his instructor, Spider Kelly overmatches him?
(a) He is knocked out.
(b) He wins on a TKO.
(c) He gets his nose flattened.
(d) He breaks his hand.

3. As Jake watches Brett walk up the street from his flat and get into the Count's limousine, what is he thinking?
(a) He thinks that it is easy to be brave and ignore things in the daytime, but at night, all the worries and heartache returns.
(b) He wonders what it would be like if he was able to have a normal relationship with Brett.
(c) He thinks that he should have gone with Brett when she offered to bring him to Zelli's.
(d) He thinks that he should be getting back to bed.

4. What is Brett's formal title?
(a) Mon Cherie Brett
(b) Countess Ashley
(c) Lady Ashley
(d) Duchess Ashley

5. What title does Robert Cohn achieve while attending Princeton?
(a) Heavyweight boxing champion
(b) Rhodes Scholar
(c) Middleweight boxing champion
(d) Princeton Review editor

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jake tell Cohn that he met Brett?

2. Who are the two friends Robert Cohn has during his three years in Europe?

3. Robert Cohn moves to California and uses the remainder of his fifty thousand dollars to back and become sole editor of what magazine?

4. How does Jake introduce Georgette to his friends when they meet at the restaurant?

5. What does Jake read after putting on his pajamas and getting into bed?

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