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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1, Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Robert Cohn returns to Paris from America, he is a changed man. In what way does he change?
(a) He knows he is deeply in love with Frances.
(b) He wants to elope with Frances immediately.
(c) He is not so simple or so nice, and not as pleasant to have around.
(d) He withdraws into himself, rarely going out.

2. Robert Cohn falls asleep in Jakes office and talks in his sleep. What does he say?
(a) He says that he can't do it. Nothing will make him do it.
(b) He says that his life is passing him by. He's losing his way.
(c) He says that he doesn't want it to happen to him.
(d) He says that he has to go to South America. He just has to.

3. When Jake is about to leave the dance-club, what does he give the patronne for Georgette?
(a) Fifty francs
(b) His address
(c) A brandy and soda
(d) A bottle of wine

4. Robert Cohn offers to pay Jake's expenses if he will go to what __place with him?
(a) Spain
(b) Africa
(c) South America
(d) Amsterdam

5. Who does Jake say are the only people who live their lives to the fullest?
(a) Artists
(b) African safari hunters
(c) Bullfighters
(d) Horse racers

Short Answer Questions

1. Robert Cohn is a Jewish man attending Princeton. How does this make him feel?

2. What is Brett's formal title?

3. Jake runs into some of his friends while eating at the restaurant with Georgette. Where does Braddocks ask Jake and Georgette to go?

4. Why doesn't Cohn want Jake talking about meeting the American girl in Strasbourg?

5. As Jake lies in bed, what does he start thinking about that keeps him from sleeping?

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