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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1, Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Brett leave the dance-club with?
(a) Georgette
(b) Braddocks
(c) Cohn
(d) Jake

2. What title does Robert Cohn achieve while attending Princeton?
(a) Middleweight boxing champion
(b) Princeton Review editor
(c) Heavyweight boxing champion
(d) Rhodes Scholar

3. After graduating from Princeton, Robert Cohn is bitter and self-conscious. What is one of the first things he does?
(a) He goes on an extended European trip.
(b) He falls into depression.
(c) He marries the first girl who is nice to him.
(d) He joins the army.

4. Robert Cohen changes his lifestyle after reading "The Purple Land" by W. H. Hudson. What is the theme of this novel?
(a) The imaginary, amorous adventures of an Englishman in a romantic land
(b) How to become a magnet for wealth and success
(c) The religious rebirth of an American boxer
(d) The financial and personal success of an entrepreneur in Europe

5. Robert Cohn moves to California and uses the remainder of his fifty thousand dollars to back and become sole editor of what magazine?
(a) The California Coastline
(b) The Fine Arts and Music Magazine
(c) Review of the Arts
(d) The Princeton Review

Short Answer Questions

1. Robert Cohn offers to pay Jake's expenses if he will go to what __place with him?

2. How does Jake introduce Georgette to his friends when they meet at the restaurant?

3. Why is Robert Cohn so anxious to go to South America with Jake?

4. Robert Cohn falls asleep in Jakes office and talks in his sleep. What does he say?

5. When Jake is about to leave the dance-club, what does he give the patronne for Georgette?

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