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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1, Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Robert Cohn when his instructor, Spider Kelly overmatches him?
(a) He gets his nose flattened.
(b) He wins on a TKO.
(c) He is knocked out.
(d) He breaks his hand.

2. After graduating from Princeton, Robert Cohn is bitter and self-conscious. What is one of the first things he does?
(a) He joins the army.
(b) He goes on an extended European trip.
(c) He falls into depression.
(d) He marries the first girl who is nice to him.

3. Robert Cohn moves to California and uses the remainder of his fifty thousand dollars to back and become sole editor of what magazine?
(a) The Princeton Review
(b) Review of the Arts
(c) The Fine Arts and Music Magazine
(d) The California Coastline

4. Jake runs into some of his friends while eating at the restaurant with Georgette. Where does Braddocks ask Jake and Georgette to go?
(a) To Foyot's
(b) To the dance club, bal musette
(c) To the Louvre
(d) A walk along the Seinne

5. What does Robert Cohn think about Paris after returning from America?
(a) He considers Paris his home.
(b) He is sick of Paris.
(c) He loves Paris and never wants to leave.
(d) Paris is one of his favorite cities.

Short Answer Questions

1. A forceful woman, Frances, hopes to gain success working with Robert Cohn on the magazine. She urges him to go to Europe with her when the magazine shuts down. What else did she want from him?

2. What is Jake referring to when he says to Brett, "you like to add them up."?

3. What advice does Jake give to Robert Cohn when they go to the café below Jakes office?

4. How does Brett say she is feeling after she and Jake get into the taxi?

5. Why doesn't Cohn want Jake talking about meeting the American girl in Strasbourg?

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