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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How are the houses in Burguete arranged?
(a) Along both sides of the road with no side streets
(b) In a circle around the town
(c) In city blocks
(d) Along both sides of the road and down side streets

2. What part of the countryside did Jake's bus travel after stopping at the posada to drop off packages?
(a) Through a soot covered mill town
(b) Through rough, rocky plains
(c) Through the crowded city streets
(d) Through farming country with rocky hills

3. What is one of the methods smugglers use to cross from France into Spain?
(a) They wade across the stream.
(b) They take boats down the stream.
(c) They try to convince other travelers to hide them in their vehicles.
(d) They wait for nightfall and sneak through the Spanish frontier.

4. How does Brett say she is feeling after she and Jake get into the taxi?
(a) Miserable
(b) In love
(c) Anxious
(d) Excited

5. What is the mood of Jake, Brett, and Cohn on the day before the fiesta?
(a) They feel guilty for the argument the night before.
(b) They feel good, healthy and friendly.
(c) They are ill from too much wine the night before.
(d) They are uncomfortable and edgy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What effect does the imitation absinthe drink called pernod have on those who drink it?

2. According to Cohn, what is the reason Frances would not go to South America with him?

3. Where do Brett and Jake decide to go after leaving the dance-club?

4. What is Mike assigned to bring to Pamplona?

5. Bill lectures Jake about being an expatriate. What does he say has ruined Jake?

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