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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are Jake and Bill annoyed by the telegram from Cohn that says he will be arriving Thursday?
(a) The short, abrupt message annoys them.
(b) The overly long message annoys them.
(c) The lateness of the message annoys them.
(d) The tone of the message annoys them.

2. As Jake watches Brett walk up the street from his flat and get into the Count's limousine, what is he thinking?
(a) He wonders what it would be like if he was able to have a normal relationship with Brett.
(b) He thinks that he should be getting back to bed.
(c) He thinks that it is easy to be brave and ignore things in the daytime, but at night, all the worries and heartache returns.
(d) He thinks that he should have gone with Brett when she offered to bring him to Zelli's.

3. What does Jake read after putting on his pajamas and getting into bed?
(a) He reads a few pages of a novel, hoping it will put him to sleep.
(b) He reads
(c) He reads the Paris daily newspaper.
(d) He reads the New York Times which he has delivered to him from America.

4. Why does Jake ask Georgette, the prostitute, to have dinner with him?
(a) He hopes it will lead to a more intimate time later in the evening.
(b) He thinks she looks down and out and could use a good meal.
(c) He thinks it would be nice to eat with someone.
(d) He feels sorry for her and hopes to talk her into a different lifestyle.

5. When Romero says that he kills his friends, to whom is he referring?
(a) The other bull fighters
(b) The picadores
(c) Some of his old class mates
(d) The bulls

Short Answer Questions

1. What effect does the imitation absinthe drink called pernod have on those who drink it?

2. What do Jake, Bill and Cohn decide to do after Jake receives the telegram from Brett says she and Mike stopped in San Sebastian for the night?

3. What is Cohn's reaction when Mike starts toward him from around the table to start a fight over Brett?

4. Bill lectures Jake about being an expatriate. What does he say has ruined Jake?

5. What is the procedure to cross the border from France into Spain?

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