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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1, Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What effect does the imitation absinthe drink called pernod have on those who drink it?
(a) It has no effect on the mood.
(b) It lifts their spirits, but then drops the mood just as quickly.
(c) It sustains an uplifted mood all night.
(d) It puts the person into a major depression.

2. Jake and Cohn get into an argument during lunch. What is the argument about?
(a) Cohn is angry that Jake insults Brett by saying she married someone she didn't love, twice. Jake also tells him to go to hell.
(b) Jake is furious when Cohn makes a joke about his war injury.
(c) Cohn is insulted when Jake tells him to leave Frances because she is no good for him.
(d) Jake is sick and tired of hearing about South America, telling Cohn to drop the subject.

3. What advice do people offer Jake about his war injury that he resents so much?
(a) They say it is better than getting killed.
(b) They tell him he is lucky; it could have been worse.
(c) They tell him not to think about it.
(d) They tell him it is not important and he shouldn't worry about it.

4. How does Brett say she is feeling after she and Jake get into the taxi?
(a) Miserable
(b) In love
(c) Anxious
(d) Excited

5. Why does Jake ask Georgette, the prostitute, to have dinner with him?
(a) He thinks she looks down and out and could use a good meal.
(b) He feels sorry for her and hopes to talk her into a different lifestyle.
(c) He hopes it will lead to a more intimate time later in the evening.
(d) He thinks it would be nice to eat with someone.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Robert Cohn think about Paris after returning from America?

2. Jake is awakened at 4:30 in the morning by a loud voice downstairs arguing with the concierge. Who comes looking for him at his flat?

3. Why does Krum have a difficult time going out to the Dingo or the Select?

4. Who does Brett's friend, Zizi, introduce her to when she and Jake go into the Café Select?

5. What does Robert Cohn do while Jake works for two hours in the office?

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