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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bill Gorton says that Vienna "is a strange city". What city does he compare it to?
(a) Rome
(b) Barcelona
(c) New York
(d) Paris

2. How long does the fiesta last?
(a) Day and night for three days
(b) Day and night for seven days
(c) One day and night
(d) Only daytime celebrations for seven days

3. As Jake lies in bed, what does he start thinking about that keeps him from sleeping?
(a) He thinks about the war injury he received in Italy and about what might have happened to the other men who were with him in the hospital.
(b) He thinks about Robert Cohn and South America.
(c) He thinks about going on a trip to the bull-fights.
(d) He thinks about all the work he has to do the next day and if he will meet his deadlines.

4. As Jake, Bill, and Cohen drive across the plain to Pamplona, what is their first view of the town?
(a) Pamplona is obscured by forests on a flat piece of land.
(b) The walls of Pamplona rise out of the plain, then a brown cathedral and other churches. The mountains are all around.
(c) Pamplona's walls lead up to the town which has only a bull ring in its center.
(d) Pamplona is on top of a high mountain with small huts around the perimeter.

5. Who arrives at Jake's flat after he finishes showering?
(a) Brett and Robert Cohn
(b) Brett and Harvey Stone
(c) Brett and Count Mippipopolous
(d) Robert Cohn and Harvey Stone

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mike Campbell's financial situation?

2. When Romero says that he kills his friends, to whom is he referring?

3. Who does Jake say are the only people who live their lives to the fullest?

4. What do Bill and Cohn make a bet over while eating at the Hotel Montoya?

5. What advice do people offer Jake about his war injury that he resents so much?

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