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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Brett say she is feeling after she and Jake get into the taxi?
(a) Anxious
(b) Miserable
(c) Excited
(d) In love

2. Jake, Bill and their traveling companions in the train compartment talk about fishing trips. What comment does the American wife make about men?
(a) She says that most men voted for prohibition.
(b) She says that only a few men get drunk on a regular basis.
(c) She says that most men are self-disciplined and decent.
(d) She implies that men get out of control if there is liquor around.

3. Jake and Cohn get into an argument during lunch. What is the argument about?
(a) Cohn is insulted when Jake tells him to leave Frances because she is no good for him.
(b) Jake is furious when Cohn makes a joke about his war injury.
(c) Cohn is angry that Jake insults Brett by saying she married someone she didn't love, twice. Jake also tells him to go to hell.
(d) Jake is sick and tired of hearing about South America, telling Cohn to drop the subject.

4. What meal is served to Jake and Bill their first night in the hotel?
(a) Salad, eggs, olives, hot rum
(b) Roast chicken, grapes, boiled vegetables, and wine
(c) Vegetable soup, fried trout, stew, strawberries and wine
(d) Fried steak, olives, grapes, wine

5. Who does Brett leave the dance-club with?
(a) Braddocks
(b) Georgette
(c) Cohn
(d) Jake

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jake react when Brett tells him she was in San Sebastian with Cohn?

2. Who do Jake and Bill share their train compartment with?

3. Why does Jake ask Georgette, the prostitute, to have dinner with him?

4. How are the houses in Burguete arranged?

5. What does Jake do when he gets to his office after breakfast?

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