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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Krum have a difficult time going out to the Dingo or the Select?
(a) He is too tired by the end of the work day.
(b) His budget won't allow him to go out much.
(c) It's hard getting out with a wife and children.
(d) He has to work nights.

2. How is Robert Cohn feeling while he and Jake wait for Brett's train to arrive?
(a) He is nonchalant.
(b) He is relaxed and pleasant.
(c) He is feverish and shaky.
(d) He is extremely nervous and eager.

3. As Jake, Bill, and Cohen drive across the plain to Pamplona, what is their first view of the town?
(a) The walls of Pamplona rise out of the plain, then a brown cathedral and other churches. The mountains are all around.
(b) Pamplona's walls lead up to the town which has only a bull ring in its center.
(c) Pamplona is obscured by forests on a flat piece of land.
(d) Pamplona is on top of a high mountain with small huts around the perimeter.

4. What do Bill and Cohn make a bet over while eating at the Hotel Montoya?
(a) Bill bets Cohn fifty pesetas that Brett and Mike arrive that evening. Cohen says that they won't come.
(b) Cohn bets Bill that he will not be able to finish all the courses of the Spanish meal.
(c) Cohn bets Bill that he will not last to the end of the brutal bull fights.
(d) Cohn bets Bill one hundred pesetas that Brett and Mike will show up the next day.

5. Where does Jake go after he leaves the archivist's office?
(a) He walks to the bull-fighting arena, sits in the stands and thinks.
(b) He walks to the cathedral, goes inside and prays.
(c) He goes to the barber and takes a bath.
(d) He walks back to the Hotel Montoya and takes a nap.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the description Jake gives of the town of Bayonne?

2. How does Jake feel about Robert Cohn after Brett does not show up on the train?

3. What does Jake tell Cohn about Brett when he inquires about her?

4. What does Jake do when he gets to his office after breakfast?

5. What is Cohn's response when Bill suggests that he not look at the horses when the bull gores them?

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