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Gertrude Stein

This modernist writer and American expatriate was a friend to Hemingway, and they spent time together in Paris. She made the comment about "the lost generation," which became the catch phrase used to describe the post World War I characters of The Sun Also Rises.


This is the name of an ancient preacher and also a book of wisdom in the Old Testament.


Cohn attend this Ivy League school in New Jersey. He encounters Antisemitism at the University and learns boxing to help him cope. He becomes the University's middleweight boxing champion.

Review of the Arts

Cohn funds and edits this arts magazine while he is in California. He moves there after his wife leaves him, and the power and respect of being in charge helps mend his wounded ego. While working on the review he meets Frances Clyne, who becomes his girlfriend.

Cohn's Novel

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