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Betsy Byars
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Sara think stole Charlie's watch?
(a) Rob.
(b) Jim.
(c) Steve.
(d) Joe.

2. What does Willie say will make Sara very sorry?
(a) When the police show up.
(b) When she goes to bed without Charlie.
(c) When her father gets there.
(d) When her father dies.

3. Who is throwing the party Mary is going to the night Charlie is missing?
(a) Bernie Harold.
(b) Benjie Herschfeld.
(c) Bennie Hoffman.
(d) Benny Hickman.

4. Why does Joe want to climb a big strip mining hill?
(a) There are footprints at the base of the hill.
(b) He thinks Charlie may be there.
(c) So they can see down the valley.
(d) He wants to be alone with Sara.

5. Where does Sara plan to look for Charlie after her father is contacted?
(a) The school grounds.
(b) The ravine.
(c) The woods.
(d) The lake side.

6. Where was Sara when Charlie's watch was stolen?
(a) In her room.
(b) In the drug store.
(c) On the bus.
(d) At school.

7. How often is Charlie's watch usually wound?
(a) Every morning.
(b) Twice a week.
(c) Once a month.
(d) Once a week.

8. What does Charlie not do when he wakes up alone in the woods?
(a) Keep walking.
(b) Cry.
(c) Call for help.
(d) Open his eyes.

9. What does Sara do while she waits to hear what her father will say about Charlie's absence?
(a) Teases the dog.
(b) Looks for a map.
(c) Paces the porch.
(d) Eats her breakfast.

10. What is in Mary's hair while she is looking for Charlie?
(a) Curlers.
(b) Permanent solution.
(c) Hairspray.
(d) Ribbons.

11. What does Sara compare Joe to when she is climbing the dirt hill?
(a) The dentist.
(b) A teacher.
(c) The Sheriff.
(d) A doctor.

12. What causes Sara to doubt her conviction about who stole Charlie's watch?
(a) Rob shows her his own watch.
(b) Mary defends him.
(c) Frank says he was with Wanda that day.
(d) Joe swears he did not.

13. Where does Charlie picture himself just after waking up?
(a) In a story book.
(b) Aunt Willie's treasure box.
(c) The bottom of the ocean.
(d) In an old movie.

14. What does Sara eat for breakfast after her aunt calls her father?
(a) Toast and Kool-aid.
(b) Biscuits and Milk.
(c) Cinnamon rolls and orange juice.
(d) Fruit and lemonade.

15. What overwhelms Sara when she gets to the top of the hill?
(a) The height.
(b) The size of the forest.
(c) The beauty of the valley.
(d) The dense woods.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Willie do after calling the police?

2. What does Joe ask Sara to do with him the night after Charlie is found?

3. Where does Sara first hear public news of Charlie's disappearance?

4. Who assures Sara that everything will be all right when she gets panicked?

5. What does Sara think looks more like Charlie than a picture?

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