Objects & Places from The Summer of the Swans

Betsy Byars
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Porch Steps - There are footprints worn into one of these because Charlie shuffles his feet when he is upset.

The Lake - This is not far from the Godfreys' home and is a place the children can walk to by themselves.

The Swans - Wanda believes these came from the local university. Sara believes that Charlie has gotten lost on his way to see these by himself.

The Vacant Field - Sara often uses this as a shortcut on her walks with Charlie. While crossing this place, Charlie becomes lost.

The Woods - These surround the valley where the Godfreys live, and Sara believes they look as though they might swallow up the whole valley.

The Ravine - When Sara and Joe find Charlie, he is in this, which runs just below a dirt hill created by strip mining procedures.

The Drawing - Sara believes this...

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