Daily Lessons for Teaching The Summer of the Swans

Betsy Byars
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

Sara has always had a very low opinion of herself, which is why she is always seeking to be a part of a group and gain more friends. The objective of this lesson will be to explore the significance of personal identity and self-esteem in this plot and how Sara's low opinion could possibly change throughout the book.


1) Write on the board, "How do you feel about yourself?" Have the students answer this question in writing, but instruct them not to sign their name. Collect all the responses and anonymously read them. Have the students now write an essay about how they feel about these responses. Was theirs similar to others? Does this surprise them? Were there some responses where you recognized the author? Did you expect more positive answers? Did you expect more negative answers? How did this exercise make you feel? Allow...

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