The Summer of the Swans Character Descriptions

Betsy Byars
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Sara Godfrey - This character is unhappy about many things, including huge feet, a much too short haircut, and feeling like a stranger.

Wanda Godfrey - This character is in college and is a nineteen-year-old who is dating and ready to meet adulthood head on.

Charlie Godfrey - At three years old this character suffered two illnesses one right after the other that resulted in brain damage. This character has not spoken a word since.

Aunt Willie - This character is a conservative person who is unwilling to let the children do anything perceived as dangerous.

Joe Melby - This character is wrongly accused of stealing a little boy's watch.

Mary Weicek - This is the main character's best friend and helps with dying shoes.

Sam Godfrey - This character is no longer able to care for children, though the explanation for this is not entirely clear...

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