The Summer of the Swans Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Betsy Byars
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Chapter 1

• Sara is trying to put a ribbon on her dog because she is so bored. Wanda starts to tell her to stop but stops when she sees how sad Sara is.

• Wanda is getting ready for a date. Sara complains about her big feet. Wanda says they are the same size as Jackie O's.

• Wanda starts fighting with Aunt Willie. Sara starts to cry to get the dog to notice her, but he doesn't. She takes the back way out of the house.
• Sara finds Charlie on the porch steps trying to put a stick back in his sucker. Sara fixes it and complains to him.

• The stick comes out again, and Sara fixes it, but threatens to throw it away if it happens again.

Chapter 2

• Charlie is anxious and frustrated because he broke his sucker again, but he doesn't want Sara to throw it away.

• When...

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