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This is the family male goose that Jay Berry captures in the butterfly net when he is learning how to use it.

Modified Monkey Traps

Grandpa adapts and tests devices designed to catch a certain type of animal.

The Butterfly Net

Jay Berry uses this to catch two monkeys in it at one time.

Sally Gooden and Sloppy Ann

One is the Lee family's milk cow and the other is the family hog.


After Jay Berry is bitten and scratched by the monkeys (Chapter 7) he sister and mother fear he might have contracted this disease.

Nursing Uniform

Daisy has made this garment, patterning it after pictures from catalogs.

Carnegie Library

This is an institution built with money donated by a Scottish-American businessman and philanthropist.

Fairy Ring

This is an exact circle with toadstools appearing at equal distances around the perimeter.

The River Bottoms

The Lee family...

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