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Chapter 1

• Jay Berry, the narrator and protagonist, is a fourteen-year-old boy who has a twin sister named Daisy, born in Missouri in 1880.

• Daisy was born with a deformed right leg and must use a crutch to get around. Jay Berry's father is a hard-working farmer, and his mother is a religious woman.

• When Jay Berry was a newborn, his parents inherited sixty acres of farmland in Oklahoma from Jay Berry's maternal grandfather.

• Jay Berry's maternal grandfather is a store owner in the so-called Cherokee Lands of Oklahoma, near the Illinois River.

• The family made the trip from Missouri, where they were subsistence sharecroppers, and made their new home in the virgin wilderness of Oklahoma.

• By the time Jay Berry is fourteen, the family farm is well-established. The family lives in a cabin-like home.

• Jay Berry is content with a pocketknife, a good dog he calls Rowdy, and time...

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