Summer of Night Character Descriptions

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Dale Stewart

This character is inspired to become a writer at the end of the novel.

Mike O'Rourke

This character plans each coordinated step of the attack on Old Central and the minions of the bell.

Duane McBride

This character constantly makes notes in notebooks and plans to become a writer.

Jim Harlen

This character suffers memory loss after falling from a window ledge at Old Central.

Kevin Grumbacher

This character is a member of the most affluent family in town.

Lawrence Stewart

This character is two years younger than the boys in the Bike Patrol.

Cordie Cooke

This character lives near the railroad tracks on the poorer side of Elm Haven.

Michelle Staffney

This character is related to the town doctor.

Sheriff Barney

This character is the law enforcement official of Elm Haven.

J. P. Congden

This character is the Justice of the Peace.

C. J. Congden

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