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Chapters 1-4

• Old Central School in Elm Haven is set to close at the end of the school year in 1960.

• Sixth grader Dale Stewart sits at his desk, waiting for the school day and year to be over.

• In the school's basement lavatory Tubby Cooke discovers a passage hidden in the wall and follows it toward a distant light.

• The school is filled with the sound of screaming which Principal Roon explains is just the janitor fixing the boiler.

• Dale leaves school and notices Cordie Cooke waiting for her brother outside.

• Dale, his brother Lawrence and friends go for a bike ride. They pass the decaying Ashley Mansion.

• Lawrence swears he hears whispering as the boys bike past the school grounds.

• Duane McBride rides in the back of his alcoholic father's pickup truck.

• Duane wants to be a writer and makes copious notes.

• Duane falls asleep with his...

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