Objects & Places from Summer Knight

Jim Butcher
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White Council

This is the council of wizards that regulate and rule all other wizards.

Red Court

This is the ruling group that governs the actions of the vampires.

McCormick Place Complex

This is the auditorium in Chicago where the White Council rents a theater to hold their meeting.

Hog Hollow, Missouri

This is the location of Ebenezer McCoy's farm, where Harry acted as his apprentice when he was sixteen.

Lake Meadow Park

This is the park in Chicago where Harry and Billy the werewolf are when they are attacked by a team of assassins.


This is the original city of Chicago, but beneath the ground.


The place where faeries live as well as other magical creatures and the sight of the battle between the Winter and Summer Court.


This is a piece of knitting that is not tied off. It can undo something if...

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