Summer Knight Multiple Choice Test Questions

Jim Butcher
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Chapters 1-5

1. Who does Dresden meet in Lake Meadow Park?
(a) Tex, the vampire.
(b) William the Bloodmaster.
(c) Billy the werewolf.
(d) Billy Goat Gruff.

2. What is the person that Dresden meets concerned about?
(a) Strange things happening around Chicago.
(b) The strange lights around Las Vegas.
(c) His coffin has a slight light leak.
(d) His next blood meal.

3. What is taking place as Dresden is talking with the person in the park?
(a) An earthquake that opens cracks to the center of the earth.
(b) A blizzard of white chocolate chips.
(c) A raining of toads.
(d) A flood of snakes.

4. What kind of wars are happening at the moment?
(a) Were creatures.
(b) Vampire.
(c) Giant trolls.
(d) Nuclear.

5. What is the Red Court?
(a) The ruling court for prostitutes.
(b) The ruling body of vampires.
(c) The way the courthouse in Chicago is painted.
(d) The court of last resort.

6. Who is trying to killy Dresden?
(a) Weretigers.
(b) Trolls.
(c) Werewolves.
(d) Vampires.

7. Who is Susan?
(a) Dresden's girlfriend.
(b) Luke's sister.
(c) William's girlfriend.
(d) Billy's girlfriend.

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