Summer Knight Character Descriptions

Jim Butcher
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Harry Dresden

He is the main character in the novel Summer Knight by Jim Butcher. He is a recurring character in a series of novels by Butcher.


She is the Winter Queen of the faerie world, Nevernever. She appears at Harry Dresden's office in the persona of Ms. Summerset, a beautiful woman who wishes to hire Harry.


She is Harry Dresden's first love. The two had been adopted by the same wizard, Justin, when they were children, and had been raised by him until they were around sixteen years old.

Ebenezar McCoy

He had been Harry Dresden's mentor after Harry killed his former teacher in a magical duel.

Martha 'Matty' Liberty

A member of the senior council, she sides with Ebenezer McCoy and Harry.

Listens to Wind/Injun Joe

A member of the senior council, he sides with Harry in the vote that would hand him...

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