Summer Knight Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jim Butcher
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Chapters 1-5

• Billy, the werewolf, is concerned about strange events happening in Chicago. Harry says they could mean something serious.

• Billy wonders if they are connected to the vampire wars and the fact that the rulers of the vampires have been trying to kill Harry.

• Billy also wonders if it has something to do with Harry's girlfriend who left town last fall. Harry tells him to mind his own business.

• Billy tells him he has an appointment with a client for Harry that afternoon. Men in a truck drive up and begin to shoot at Harry.

• He raises a shield and throws magic at the men to stop them.
• Harry and Billy get away and Harry thinks of Susan and the fact that he has put her life in danger.

• She became infected by vampires at a party. If she gives in to her hunger and feeds she...

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