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Edward Larson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By ending the defense without a closing argument, Darrow averts what?
(a) Closing argument by Bryan, defense appeal.
(b) Closing prosecution argument, maximum fine.
(c) Possible hung jury, prolonging defense appeal.
(d) Maximum fine imposition.

2. The trial opens on Friday. What is the date?
(a) July 10, 1925.
(b) August 10, 1925.
(c) May 10, 1925.
(d) June 10, 1925.

3. By the 1950s, the trial becomes popular among historians and is often shown whose victory?
(a) Conservatives.
(b) Moderates.
(c) Fundamentalists.
(d) Liberals.

4. Who is the last witness for the prosecution who states that Scopes knew he was violating the law?
(a) Fred Robinson.
(b) Fred Robins.
(c) Fred Roberts.
(d) Fred Robertson.

5. Because the defense opens with a witness other than Scopes, what does this mean?
(a) He will not testify before the court.
(b) He will testify before the court last.
(c) He will initially be examined by the prosecution.
(d) He will not be cross-examined.

6. How soon does Bryan die after the trial ends?
(a) Less than 1 week.
(b) Less than 1 months.
(c) Less than 2 months.
(d) Less than 2 weeks.

7. A 1935 attempt to repeal the anti-evolution law receives what level of conservative attention?
(a) Only minimally arouses.
(b) Does wholly arouse.
(c) Virtually no attention arousal.
(d) Does not wholly arouse.

8. On what grounds does Darrow argue that the statute is illegal, given that it imposes a specific religious stance?
(a) Evolutionary theory is proven.
(b) Multiple interpretations exist.
(c) Violates freedom of education.
(d) Violates freedom of speech.

9. Through what method does Bryan want to debunk evolution theories?
(a) Theologians.
(b) Clergy members.
(c) University professors.
(d) Expert testimony.

10. Internal conflict, confusion, and maneuvering characterize which side in the days before the state supreme court hears the case?
(a) Primarily the defense.
(b) Neither the defense, prosecution.
(c) Primarily the prosecution.
(d) Both the defense, prosecution.

11. Scopes leaves following the verdict to study where?
(a) University of Iowa.
(b) University of Chicago.
(c) University of Tennessee.
(d) Princeton University.

12. Tennessee outlaws teaching that denies the biblical account of creation, so the defense wants to show what?
(a) Biblical interpretations differ.
(b) Evolution theory is proven, biblical interpretations differ.
(c) Biblical interpretations are inaccurate.
(d) Biblical interpretations, evolution theory are compatible.

13. Prosecutors open by briefly arguing that Scopes violates the law by teaching that humans evolve from other life forms and what?
(a) Scopes knew that teaching evolution violates the law.
(b) Scopes does not believe in the Bible.
(c) This denies the biblical account of creation.
(d) This cannot be taught with the biblical account of creation.

14. Bryan leaves legal issues to the other lawyers and assumes responsibility to do what?
(a) Find scientists, attorneys to testify.
(b) Find scholars, scientists to testify.
(c) Find theologians, clergy to testify.
(d) Find scientists, theologians to testify.

15. The ACLU begins preparing for an appeal and tries to exclude Darrow from the proceedings. What does he do?
(a) Remains on the defense team.
(b) Leaves the defense team.
(c) Moves on to other cases.
(d) Concentrates on writing a book.

Short Answer Questions

1. In June 1925, Scopes meets with which three well-known scientists who help shape public response to his trial?

2. The public displays what regarding formal debates over support and opposition to the evolution theory?

3. The defense opens with Maynard M. Metcalf, a witness whose expertise is in what field?

4. Under defense questioning, the students state that they were both still attending what?

5. Most national politicians publicly choose what position on the trial?

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