Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate Over Science and Religion Test | Mid-Book Test - Easy

Edward Larson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Larson shows that how many theories of evolutionary development fit nicely within a Christian explanation of the world?
(a) Virtually none.
(b) Most.
(c) Nearly all.
(d) Some.

2. What position does Bryan previously serve in, but later resign from?
(a) Secretary of the Army.
(b) Secretary of Treasury.
(c) Secretary of State.
(d) Secretary of Education.

3. Who asks some of Scopes' students to testify against him even though they are reluctant to?
(a) Bryan.
(b) Darrow.
(c) Scopes.
(d) Rappleyea.

4. When Tennessee's bill passes, the ACLU runs a notice where, seeking a teacher willing to challenge the law?
(a) Memphis Flyer.
(b) Chattanooga Times.
(c) Knoxville Journal.
(d) Nashville Tribune.

5. As desire for academic freedom spreads to high schools, the ACLU defends teachers and what else?
(a) Makes appeals to state supreme courts.
(b) Publishes statements on the issue.
(c) Organizes local civil protests.
(d) Makes appeals to school boards.

6. Bryan hears of the proposal to ban teaching evolution, and as he supports the idea in talks and writing, he does what else?
(a) Addresses the state House of Representatives.
(b) Avoids addressing governmental bodies.
(c) Addresses joint sessions of the state's legislature.
(d) Addresses the state Senate.

7. Darrow defends John Scopes for violating which laws, saying evolution cannot be taught in public schools?
(a) Federal.
(b) Municipal.
(c) County.
(d) State.

8. The Introduction focuses on questioning taking place on a wooden platform in what location?
(a) Municiplal Auditorium.
(b) Courthouse lawn.
(c) City Hall.
(d) Courtroom.

9. The presiding judge wants an indictment as a conservative Christian, feeling a calling from God to officiate, and seeking what?
(a) Guilty ruling.
(b) Publicity.
(c) Innocent ruling.
(d) Justice.

10. Talk of evolution and new fossil finds have anti-evolutionists responding how beyond calling for teaching limits?
(a) Numerous seek requisite Bible teaching in public schools.
(b) Many note the teaching compatability of science, Christianity.
(c) Most strive for equal time instructing evolution, the Bible.
(d) Some decry the fossils as frauds, challenge their antiquity.

11. What does Larson say transpires when the chief prosecutor calls for the end of the questioning?
(a) Darrow objects and states that he is not finished.
(b) Bryan refuses to leave the witness chair.
(c) The judge terminates the questioning.
(d) Bryan acquiesces to the chief prosecutor's call.

12. Darwin's view of random variations and survival-of-the-fittest pose problems for many Christians holding what view of nature?
(a) Biological.
(b) Geological.
(c) Physiological.
(d) Teleological.

13. After defeat of the first bill for a ban on teaching evolution, Bryan argues that who should decide what is taught?
(a) Courts.
(b) School boards.
(c) Taxpayers.
(d) Parents.

14. By 1925, the ACLU still seeks a court win, mainly as the first amendment's wording does not necessarily protect freedom of speech at what level?
(a) State.
(b) County.
(c) Federal.
(d) Municipal.

15. In the 1920s, which denominational leaders stress the divine inspiration of the Bible and its literal interpretation?
(a) Christian Science, Roman Catholic.
(b) Presbyterian, Methodist.
(c) Baptist, Lutheran.
(d) Baptist, Presbyterian.

Short Answer Questions

1. The ACLU defends teachers fired for opposing World War I and fights school systems over what mandatory exercises?

2. Darrow never specifically asks about what?

3. What does the jaw for the Piltdown skull appear to be of?

4. Despite its rise, the anti-evolution movement lacks a clear, specific legal or political issue until when?

5. After the war, the cultural crisis grows worse for fundamentalists and they begin to take what action?

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