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David Eagleman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Pantheon: How do the different gods interact with each other?
(a) They take sides with the main god or against him.
(b) They do not realize the other gods exist.
(c) They love each other.
(d) There is bitter competition.

2. Blueprints: What are people given the opportunity to view in this afterlife?
(a) Their funerals.
(b) Their friend's lives.
(c) The Book of Truth.
(d) The underlying code.

3. Search: How often do your atoms pull together again?
(a) Once every evolutionary cycle.
(b) Once every millennia.
(c) Once every hundred years.
(d) Once every decade.

4. Quantum: What are people in this afterlife able to enjoy?
(a) One life at a time.
(b) Each moment in sequential order.
(c) As much candy and soda as they want.
(d) All things at once.

5. Seed: How did God come to create man?
(a) Out of boredom.
(b) By accident.
(c) He had an intricate plan.
(d) After years and years of thought.

Short Answer Questions

1. Prism: How is this afterlife like a prism?

2. Death Watch: What is installed in computers in this story?

3. Ineffable: What happens to a play or a conflict when it ends?

4. Search: What happens to your cells as they drift?

5. Graveyard of the Gods: How do the gods feel about this afterlife?

Short Essay Questions

1. Reversal: What is the difference between your remembered life and your second life that causes grief for many when they live the second time?

2. Conservation: Eventually the quark must rest and recover the energy it needs to keep the universe going. What happens to the afterlife when the quark goes into the period of "incompleteness"?

3. Pantheon: There are many gods in this afterlife. In fact, there is a god of just about everything you can think of. As a result, these gods do a lot of fighting with each other. Why is it that these gods can empathize with humans?

4. Death Watch: Why would anyone feel the need to install a death switch on someone's computer?

5. Ineffable: In this afterlife everything dies. People die, plays die, furniture dies. However, what is unique about these things in the afterlife?

6. Prism: God decided to allow people to display different images of themselves in the afterlife. Much like light splitting through a prism. However, he soon discovered that this wouldn't work. Why not?

7. Death Watch: How did the death switch become a problem for those who are alive?

8. Narcissus: What was the purpose of creation in this afterlife?

9. Will-o-the-Wisp: People in this afterlife get to watch the happenings on earth. Many people enjoy watching so much that they become angry when they must leave. What is it that these people don't know about what they are seeing?

10. Graveyard of the Gods: Why are the gods in this afterlife so miserable?

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