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David Eagleman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Death Watch: What is installed in computers in this story?
(a) A death switch.
(b) A death calendar.
(c) A stopwatch.
(d) A microcamera.

2. Seed: How did God get lucky in his placement of the earth?
(a) He placed it at just the right distance from the sun.
(b) He placed it too close to the sun.
(c) He placed it too far from the sun.
(d) He placed it in an area with two suns.

3. Blueprints: Whose numbers can people see?
(a) Only their own.
(b) Theirs and those of people they are close to.
(c) Only those of their children and spouse.
(d) The numbers of the gods.

4. Seed: How does God behave in the afterlife?
(a) He is isolated.
(b) He throws parties all the time.
(c) He is aloof.
(d) He spends time with humans.

5. Incentive: What are the people called who are unaware that death does not exist?
(a) Disbelievers.
(b) Unwanted.
(c) Losers.
(d) Beneficiaries.

Short Answer Questions

1. Blueprints: Who gives out the gift of revelation in this afterlife?

2. Will-o-the-Wisp: What is in the lounge in this afterlife?

3. Encore: What has helped this afterlife flourish?

4. Ineffable: What happens to the people in a play when the play dies?

5. Microbe: What happens to the microbes when a body dies?

Short Essay Questions

1. Narcissus: What was the purpose of creation in this afterlife?

2. Apostasy: In this afterlife God is anxious to reveal the Book of Truth to everyone who enters. She has always feared that some people would figure out the answers to life before she could tell them. Why does she banish apostates from her Heaven?

3. Seed: Why does God feel like an amateur magician?

4. Will-o-the-Wisp: People in this afterlife get to watch the happenings on earth. Many people enjoy watching so much that they become angry when they must leave. What is it that these people don't know about what they are seeing?

5. Pantheon: There are many gods in this afterlife. In fact, there is a god of just about everything you can think of. As a result, these gods do a lot of fighting with each other. Why is it that these gods can empathize with humans?

6. Seed: In this story man was created by accident. How did that happen?

7. Incentive: Why do actors often resent their job?

8. Quantum: What scenario do people find the most familiar in this afterlife?

9. Quantum: What is so confusing about this afterlife?

10. Blueprints: How can the numbers in this story be both a reward and a punishment?

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