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David Eagleman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Descent of Species: What happens when people in this afterlife begins to think about what they will be in the next life?
(a) They melt.
(b) They begin to change.
(c) They learn to appreciate their life.
(d) They are allowed to preview that life.

2. Perpetuity: What is God like in this afterlife?
(a) A jolly elf.
(b) A happy old man.
(c) A wise woman.
(d) A bored sinner.

3. Egalitaire: How does this god deal with Hell?
(a) A hell was never created for this afterlife.
(b) This god creates different hells for different people.
(c) This god fires the devil and shuts down Hell.
(d) This god segregates hell according to sin classifications.

4. Mary: When did God become disenchanted with man?
(a) When men became violent.
(b) When men stopped following the Commandments.
(c) When men refused to come to the afterlie.
(d) When men began to read.

5. Egalitaire: What do souls think about this afterlife?
(a) They are grateful that hell has been shut down.
(b) Their god is considerate and kind.
(c) It is their own kind of hell.
(d) It is the best of all their wishes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Oz: What does the Creator look like at first?

2. Metamorphosis: What is the final death?

3. Missing: What is God?

4. The Unnatural: What can a person change in this afterlife?

5. Spirals: What do the creatures ask each new arrival to the afterlife?

Short Essay Questions

1. Great Expectations: In this story the people who create and program afterlives are basically selling a false product, though not intentionally. How is it that people are mistaken in their understanding of the afterlife?

2. Giantess: What happened as a result of the princely man's attempt to communicate with the Giantess?

3. Spirals: What do the creatures in this afterlife want from humans?

4. Mirrors: In this story death is a two part process. The first death comes when a person takes their final breath, but the second part does not come until later. What kills the person the second time?

5. Oz: What does God say is the true measure of bravery?

6. Metamorphosis: In this story, people die three deaths. The last death occurs when their name is said for the last time on earth. Why will some people be stuck waiting forever for their name to be called for the final time?

7. The Unnatural: Why do people begin to think that death refers to the death of motivation?

8. Circle of Friends: This afterlife is populated by people who you felt were important enough to remember from your life. You never meet a stranger and you have the chance to renew old bonds and friendships. However, people are not happy here. Why?

9. Oz: Who gets to see God in this story?

10. Reins: What does God have in common with Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi?

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