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David Eagleman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Spirals: What do the creatures ask each new arrival to the afterlife?
(a) Do you have an answer?
(b) Where did you come from?
(c) Take me to your leader?
(d) What is your name?

2. Sum: In this afterlife:
(a) Everything is not always pleasant.
(b) Everything is sad.
(c) Everything is hopeless and joyless.
(d) Everything is happy and joyful.

3. Angst: What do most in the afterlife choose to do on their vacation?
(a) Return to expanded form.
(b) Listen to music.
(c) Return to human form.
(d) Watch movies.

4. Giantess: Why did the man's people want to communicate with the Giantess?
(a) They wanted to destroy her.
(b) To honor her.
(c) In order to become like her.
(d) So they could influence her actions.

5. Adhesion: What do the creators of this afterlife want to understand?
(a) Human relationships.
(b) The universe.
(c) Glue.
(d) Human violence.

Short Answer Questions

1. Scales: What does God think humans are trying to do?

2. Angst: What is man's job in the afterlife?

3. Perpetuity: What does God hope will happen to the sinners?

4. Giantess: What does the man think about communicating with the Giantess?

5. Reins: Who does God talk to in the afterlife?

Short Essay Questions

1. Conservation: How was the universe created in this story?

2. Ineffable: In this afterlife everything dies. People die, plays die, furniture dies. However, what is unique about these things in the afterlife?

3. Reversal: What is the difference between your remembered life and your second life that causes grief for many when they live the second time?

4. Subjunctive: How is a person judged in this afterlife?

5. Encore: In this afterlife the Creators try to recreate you in Heaven to be the same as you were on earth. Why has the afterlife really come into its own in the last hundred years?

6. Will-o-the-Wisp: People in this afterlife get to watch the happenings on earth. Many people enjoy watching so much that they become angry when they must leave. What is it that these people don't know about what they are seeing?

7. Seed: Why does God feel like an amateur magician?

8. Death Watch: How did the death switch become a problem for those who are alive?

9. Subjunctive: What is the punishment a person faces in the afterlife if they are a failure during their living life?

10. Conservation: Eventually the quark must rest and recover the energy it needs to keep the universe going. What happens to the afterlife when the quark goes into the period of "incompleteness"?

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