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David Eagleman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 33 through 36.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Will-o-the-Wisp: What are the monitors used for?
(a) To view your funeral.
(b) To watch people on earth.
(c) To make sure no one breaks into your home.
(d) To watch your life in replay.

2. Pantheon: How do the gods feel about people?
(a) They want to hurt people.
(b) They feel people are inferior.
(c) They want to eventually become people.
(d) They are fond of people.

3. Giantess: What is the princely looking man?
(a) An angel.
(b) A dead person.
(c) A god.
(d) An alien.

4. The Unnatural: People begin to realize that death provides _______________.
(a) Joy.
(b) Depression.
(c) Happiness.
(d) Motivation.

5. Prism: How does God solve his problem?
(a) He allows people to be all ages at once.
(b) He creates all people with the same intelligence.
(c) He allows people to all be the same height.
(d) He creates all people at the same weight.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mirrors: What causes the final death in this afterlife?

2. Narcisuss: What is the purpose of life in this story?

3. Egalitaire: This god realized that a person:

4. Incentive: Before each performance, actors are given ________________.

5. Oz: What does the brave man discover about the Creator?

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