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David Eagleman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21 through 24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Absence: What do the angels look like in this afterlife?
(a) They are always happy.
(b) They are gaunt.
(c) They are dressed like jokers.
(d) They are robust.

2. Giantess: Why did the man's people want to communicate with the Giantess?
(a) So they could influence her actions.
(b) To honor her.
(c) They wanted to destroy her.
(d) In order to become like her.

3. Scales: Why are humans draining God's strength?
(a) They require too much attention.
(b) There are too many of them.
(c) They are doing drugs.
(d) They are feeding off of God.

4. Spirals: What is God like?
(a) Not very smart.
(b) Party loving.
(c) Silly and funny.
(d) Irresposnsible.

5. Metamorphosis: What do the people awaiting the Caller become?
(a) What the living remember them as.
(b) What they think they should be.
(c) Sad, depressed and anxious.
(d) Happy and hopeful.

Short Answer Questions

1. Angst: How often do those in the afterlife get a vacation from their job?

2. Angst: What happens to humans after they die?

3. Perpetuity: What is missing from this afterlife?

4. Mary: Which of his creations does God relate to the most?

5. Spirals: What do the creatures ask each new arrival to the afterlife?

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