Objects & Places from Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives

David Eagleman
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Object Descriptions

Afterlife - This is the setting for the stories in the book; it is described differently in each story.

Quark - This is the thing that is believed to have created everything in the universe.

Book of Truth - This item is given to all new arrivals by God, who is a woman, to help answer any questions they may have about creation.

Center of the Earth - This is where the afterlife is located and where Cartographers are the creators of life.

Asteroids - This is where the Collectors live, the large beings who created life.

Heaven - This is the name of the place where people find themselves living in the afterlife as sinners in the suburbs.

Death Switch - This is the backup plan for those people who die without leaving behind their computer password.

Prism - The story that proposes people are split...

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