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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sula says she may be __________, but she has lived a full life.
(a) A crazy woman
(b) A bad person
(c) Going down
(d) Sick

2. What kind of prescription does Sula need?
(a) Pain killers
(b) anti-inflammatories
(c) Mood elevators
(d) Antibiotics

3. What does Nel want in her life to help her through her marriage's breakup?
(a) Sula
(b) Hannah
(c) Helen
(d) Eva

4. Everything that everyone does is a sign they love __________.
(a) To get ahead
(b) Their own best interests
(c) The world
(d) The Blackman

5. Who had to come in to take care of Sula's arrangements?
(a) White people
(b) Nel
(c) Eva
(d) The police

6. What is the real name of the man that visits Sula?
(a) A. Jacks
(b) Jeremy
(c) Wright
(d) Terrence

7. What is getting renovations?
(a) The hospital
(b) The bar
(c) The retirement home
(d) The boardinghouse

8. What does Sula threaten she will do to Eva?
(a) Leave her
(b) Drown her
(c) Cut her
(d) Burn her

9. Where does Sula's visitor (as named in #139) head to when he leaves?
(a) Dayton
(b) Toledo
(c) Cincinnati
(d) Cleveland

10. What happens to Medallion when the rain falls and freezes?
(a) It begins to disappear
(b) It turns silver
(c) It is forgotten
(d) It becomes uninhabitable

11. Why is Sula unrepentant about her affair? Why does she think Nel should just get over it?
(a) Because she is sorry
(b) Because it's been so long
(c) Because it didn't mean anything
(d) Because they had been such good friends

12. Where is work promised for the people of the town?
(a) At the boardwalk
(b) On the docks
(c) At the railroad
(d) On the new tunnel

13. What job does the groom really want?
(a) Becoming a doctor
(b) Working on the road
(c) Helping animals
(d) None

14. How many colored women reside at the nursing home?
(a) 6
(b) 3
(c) 9
(d) 1

15. Who dies in the tunnel accident?
(a) The Deweys, Tar Baby, and others
(b) Nel
(c) Tar Baby
(d) The Deweys

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the marchers on National Suicide Day begin to do to the tunnel?

2. Sula and Nel have always been known to be as ________.

3. What does the groom do?

4. What does Eva do to try to protect herself?

5. Who is ringing the bell as the tunnel collapses?

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