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Building Bottom

Have students create dioramas or pictures of what the area of Bottom looks like in the novel of Sula.

The Contract from the Farmer

Have students come up with the contract that the farmer initially gave to the slaves who were promised freedom after completing a certain amount of work. What did the slaves have to do? What were they promised?

Create a Poster for National Suicide Day

As though it were a 'real' holiday, have students create a poster for National Suicide Day as Shadrack might have done. Of course, keep it from being too graphic, sticking instead to the idea of sadness or perhaps including a picture of what Shadrack looks like as the 'Grand Marshall.'

The Diagnosis of Shadrack

Using the DSM-IV and internet research, have students try to figure out what they think was wrong with Shadrack in the hospital, if...

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