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Irène Némirovsky
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Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the Michauds end up in Chapter 28?

2. When was Maurice Michaud injured?

3. What does Bruno warn Lucile about Kurt Bonnet?

4. Who does Gabriel Corte have a conversation with at the luxury hotel about their respective work?

5. Which of the following contribute to Lucile rejecting Bruno's advances?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the Perrin women come back to the village and pay a visit to the Angellier house?

2. What is the atmosphere of the town as the German's depart for Russia?

3. Who does Gabriel Corte meet in the bar while at the luxury hotel, and what conclusion does he draw from being amongst these people?

4. What is the nature of the marriage between Lucile and Gaston Angellier?

5. Describe the scene of the German soldiers in Bussy.

6. What happens to the relationship between the French villagers and the German soldiers after the incident involving Benoit?

7. What is discussed in the conversation between Lucile and Madame Angellier after Madame Angellier discovers Lucile talking to Bruno for the first time?

8. What factors in to Lucile Angellier's decision to ultimately reject Bruno von Falk?

9. What happens between Lucile and Bruno while they are waiting for the German soldiers to find the Perrins' possessions?

10. Describe the Viscountess Montmort.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many authors write fiction based on a period in history from which they are far removed. However, Irene Nemirovsky was writing this novel based on France in World War II during the time the events occurred. What influence do you think this had on the novel? How can we see the author's feelings about the war and the occupation through her book? Do you think any of the characters echo the author's feelings? Which ones and why?

Essay Topic 2

Lucile Angellier and Bruno von Falk are young people falling in love under the worst circumstances imaginable. Lucile is a Frenchwoman, married to a French soldier prisoner of war, and Bruno is a German soldier, the enemy of the French. Describe the relationship between Lucile and Bruno. How is the relationship affected by the war? What are the difficulties and challenges they face after they realize that they are in love with one another? Why is a relationship between the two impossible and how does their friendship end?

Essay Topic 3

A few characters in the novel seem reluctant to evacuate Paris and bothered by the fact that they have to share the plight of the exodus with regular people. These characters are desperate to separate themselves from everyone else and the war. Discuss the idea of separating one's self from the war. Which characters refuse to accept the reality of the situation? How do they separate themselves from the war and the other refugees? Are they successful? Why or why not?

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