Objects & Places from Suite Française

Irène Némirovsky
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This is the place where the novel begins; many people initially rush to leave this city.


The Michauds are headed to this city to meet their boss, but they never make it.


This is the city where Gabriel Corte, during the exodus from Paris, manages to get a basket of food from a friend even though no one else can find any, but the food is stolen by Jules, the brother of Hortense Gaillard.


This is the name of the home of a land baron; the Montmorts live in one of these.

Boche and Fritz

These are negative nicknames given by the French to German soldiers.


This is a term that signifies a German soldier being assigned to the home of a French citizen for shelter during the German occupation of France.


This is a German term used to enforce all of...

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