Suite Française Character Descriptions

Irène Némirovsky
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Madame and Monsieur Pericand

These characters are a wealthy couple whose son is a priest.

Jeanne and Maurice Michaud

These characters are a working class couple from Paris who are unsuccessful reaching their destination during the exodus and consequently are fired from their jobs.

Lucile Angellier

This is the character who falls in love with a German soldier.

Bruno von Falk

This character is a German officer who is respectful, educated, and a gifted musician.

Madame Angellier

This is a bitter character obsessed with the loss of an imprisoned son.

Gabriel Cortes and Florence

These characters are a mismatched couple, one of whom is a wealthy writer.

Charles Langelet

This is a snobby character obsessed with material possessions.

Jean-Marie Michaud

This character is a soldier injured in battle and taken care of by a farm family.

Philippe Pericand

This is a character who is murdered en route to...

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