Such a Long Journey Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the bhaiya's job.

Every morning, the bhaiya comes to the Khodadad Building to sell substandard milk, but it is the only milk to which the residents have access. He dips milk from an aluminum jar into the waiting bowls and cups of the residents. While he waits for the next customer, small pieces of his dead skin fall into the milk.

2. What happens to Gustad's father's property, and what parts of it remain in Gustad's care?

Gustad's father's property was seized in a bankruptcy. Gustad still has a few pieces of the furniture that his grandfather made and that had been in his father's house because he and his friend Malcolm carried it out of the house before the authorities could notice.

3. What is the state of Gustad's clothing? Why?

Gustad's clothing has many holes and tears in it that cannot be repaired because the fabric is too weak. The Nobles do not have enough money to replace them, and Dilnavaz worries about the day when they will be too worn to wear at all.

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