Such a Long Journey Character Descriptions

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Gustad Noble

This character is the main character of the novel. This character also works at a bank and prays several times every day.

Dilnavaz Noble

This character is the main character's spouse and tries many home remedies in order to restore peace and health to the home.

Sohrab Noble

This character is accepted to the Indian Institute of Technology but decides not to go.

Darius Noble

This character causes trouble for the family by his love for the neighbor's daughter.

Roshan Noble

This character, a child, becomes very ill with an intestinal disease.

Major Bilimoria

This character becomes involved with the Research and Analysis Wing of the government and eventually dies in prison.

Ghulam Mohammed

This character is a taxi driver and an undercover employee of the Research and Analysis Wing.


This character is known for having bad breath and an unremitting sense of humor.

Miss Kutpitia

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