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Chapter 1

• It is early morning at the Khodadad Building, and Gustad is saying his morning prayers.

• The women of the building are buying milk from the bhaiya, who sells low-quality milk due to inflation and the unavailability of fresh, whole milk.
• Gustad waits for the newspaper to arrive.

• When it does, he finds out that his son Sohrab has been accepted to the Indian Institute of Technology, which is very exciting news.

• Gustad thinks about the black paper he has hung over the windows, which has survived several periods of political unrest.

• Dilnavaz mentions Major Bilimoria, a friend who abandoned the Khodadad Building without any warning.

Chapter 2

• Gustad buys a live chicken so that they can have a beautiful chicken dinner to celebrate Roshan's birthday and Sohrab's acceptance to school.

• He reflects on his memories of his friend Malcolm, who taught him how to navigate through Crawford Market...

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