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James Rollins
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mo'amba tell Ben about his mission in chapter thirty?

2. What do the hunters bring to the village in chapter twenty-eight that catches Michaelson's attention?

3. What does Mo'amba tell Ben before he dies?

4. When Ben sees the elder of the village what does he tell Ashley about the painting on the creatures chest?

5. What does Ashley say when Tru'gula offers to help her escape?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what the hunters bring back with the dead body and what they tell Harry.

2. In chapter twenty-six, what do Mo'amba and Ben discuss when they connect in Ben's dream?

3. Describe the communication that Mo'amba and Ben have in the cave in chapter twenty-four?

4. Describe what Khalid tells Linda in chapter thirty-two when he stops to reset the time on Jason's counter.

5. What happens to Michaelson after he falls asleep in the hole in chapter twenty-two?

6. What does Ben find when he first reaches Blakely's office in chapter thirty-three?

7. In chapter thirty-three what things does Linda realize while helping Khalid?

8. What does Ben explain to Ashley about the other five caves that they did not go into after the ceremony is over?

9. What happens in chapter thirty-seven when Khalid and Linda walk near Blakely's office.

10. Describe the events that surround Mo'amba's death.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

1) Pick one of the characters in the story that you would have most enjoyed being. Why did you pick this character?

2) Do you and this character share any traits? Explain.

3) What would you have done differently in the story if you had been this character?

Essay Topic 2

1) Did the fact that Khalid chose to take diamonds from the caves, despite his employer's wish, make you believe his convictions less when he spoke of destroying the caves in order to save his country's economy? Why or why not?

2) Speculate on what effect the cavern would have had on the world.

3) If you could find a cavern with either a lost civilization or diamonds in it which would you chose and why?

Essay Topic 3

1) Which of the scenes in the story caught your attention the most and stuck with you throughout the story? Why do you think this scene was the one that got your attention?

2) Do you think that blood or violence is a more attention grabbing in literature? Why?

3) How would this story have changed had there been no scenes of blood or violence or explanation of the carnage seen? Would it have diminished the story line? Explain.

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