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James Rollins
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Khalid say when he first catches up with Linda, Blakely and Jason in chapter twenty-five?
(a) How appropriate that a thunderclap should precede my storm.
(b) My fair lovely Linda, you will die a traitor's death.
(c) Allah has smiled on me this day.
(d) You will all die.

2. What concerns Ben when he and Ashley are on their way back up to the main base?
(a) That he can hear Linda crying in his mind and smells smoke.
(b) That he cannot reach Nob'cobi.
(c) That he can sense other mimi'swee.
(d) That Jason's face keeps coming to his mind.

3. What does Khalid think when he first sees Dr. Blakely laying hurt on the rocks in chapter twenty-three after they have just been reunited?
(a) Blakely needs to be killed immediately.
(b) That he will hate having to kill the man.
(c) Blakely reminds him of his father.
(d) Blakely has information that is crucial to Khalid's mission.

4. What does Ben answer when Harry asks if they should look for Linda before getting Jason to safety?
(a) He thinks Linda is already dead.
(b) Give the search 30 minutes, then leave.
(c) See if they can defuse the bombs before looking for her.
(d) No, it is too dangerous.

5. What does Sin'jari use to kill Mo'amba?
(a) A crystal shard on the end of his staff.
(b) A club.
(c) A knife.
(d) A poison dart.

6. What does Mo'amba tell Ben that he has been doing to Harry since he came to the mimi'swee?
(a) Teaching him their language while Harry sleeps.
(b) Grooming him to be a leader.
(c) Teaching him their culture.
(d) Teaching him how to hunt.

7. In chapter thirty-one, why is it explained that Linda and Jason are pushing themselves to move so fast?
(a) They are trying to outrun Khalid.
(b) Khalid had said he would not wait for them.
(c) The smoke is beginning to lesson.
(d) They are being followed.

8. What does Sandy say about the reinforcements that came down the elevator when the radio equipment went out?
(a) The elevators drew the animals in and no one else has tried.
(b) The reinforcements fought for a short time and made it to the other side of the cave.
(c) She isn't sure there were any.
(d) She is babbling incoherently.

9. What does Khalid dream of after Linda has given him her anti-anxiety pills?
(a) His country being broken.
(b) His mother.
(c) His father.
(d) Zombie bunnies from Mars.

10. What does Tru'gula say to Ashley when he comes to see her in prison?
(a) You free.
(b) Mo'amba wise, Mo'amba trust you.
(c) I see dream Mo'amba.
(d) You eyes innocent.

11. Why does Harry tell Ashley that he and Michaelson are safe in chapter twenty-six when he explains that Ashley and Ben are still to die?
(a) They have killed crak'an.
(b) They have promised to be slaves.
(c) They have been adopted by the warrior sect.
(d) They have been chosen at mates by widows.

12. What does Harry explain is going on when the council member puts her egg in a nest in the middle of the council in chapter twenty-seven?
(a) A naming ceremony.
(b) They are deciding what sect the child will belong to.
(c) Reading the child's aura.
(d) They are giving thanks to their departed anscestors.

13. What does Mo'amba tell Ben about the two that Ben almost attacked in chapter thirty?
(a) They are poisonous.
(b) They are trained fighters.
(c) They are friends.
(d) They were sent to set Ben up.

14. What does Jason pull out of his pocket when he hears Ben's voice?
(a) Game Boy.
(b) Cell Phone.
(c) Walkie Talkie.
(d) Cherry Bomb.

15. What does Ben say when Jason explains the reason for the bomb strapped to his chest in chapter thirty-four?
(a) At least Jason will go out with a bang.
(b) This isn't the first bomb someone has had strapped to their chest.
(c) Ben knows a little about bombs.
(d) Harry is a demolition expert.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mo'amba tell Ben that a heri'huti is?

2. When Ben sees the elder of the village what does he tell Ashley about the painting on the creatures chest?

3. How does Mo'amba tell Ben that his people were able to survive underground?

4. What does Harry say is wrong with his gas powered sled in the end of chapter twenty-nine that he is not sure he can fix?

5. In chapter twenty-eight, what does Mo'amba say is causing the death of the fungi in the caves?

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