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James Rollins
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the mimi'swee not kill off the crak'an?
(a) The mimi'swee and the crak'an need each other to survive.
(b) The mimi'swee have taken an oath to protect all life.
(c) The crak'an have a hidden nest.
(d) The crak'an pre protected by the gods.

2. What does Khalid do to further teach Linda obedience?
(a) Puts a bomb on Jason.
(b) Shoots her in the hand.
(c) Takes her clothing.
(d) Beats her.

3. What does Mo'amba show Ben and Harry when they are trying to find the fastest way back up top?
(a) A pack of dust.
(b) A secret passage.
(c) A cart and small animal.
(d) A map.

4. What does Ben answer when Harry asks if they should look for Linda before getting Jason to safety?
(a) See if they can defuse the bombs before looking for her.
(b) He thinks Linda is already dead.
(c) Give the search 30 minutes, then leave.
(d) No, it is too dangerous.

5. What does Khalid tell Linda she has to do before he will reset Jason's timer again in chapter thirty-two?
(a) Find a bag of weapons.
(b) Make him believe her sincerity.
(c) Locate the satellite phone.
(d) Set fifteen charges.

6. When Khalid sees the plumes of smoke from the camp in chapter twenty-three, what does he compare it to?
(a) The hair form the winning horse that he bet the farm on.
(b) The finger of God.
(c) Their ticket out of this hell hole.
(d) A bread trail home.

7. What does Sandy say about the reinforcements that came down the elevator when the radio equipment went out?
(a) The elevators drew the animals in and no one else has tried.
(b) She is babbling incoherently.
(c) The reinforcements fought for a short time and made it to the other side of the cave.
(d) She isn't sure there were any.

8. What does Ben say when Jason explains the reason for the bomb strapped to his chest in chapter thirty-four?
(a) This isn't the first bomb someone has had strapped to their chest.
(b) Ben knows a little about bombs.
(c) At least Jason will go out with a bang.
(d) Harry is a demolition expert.

9. What do the hunters bring to the village in chapter twenty-eight that catches Michaelson's attention?
(a) A small arsenal of guns.
(b) Villanueva's body.
(c) Blakely's body.
(d) Explosives.

10. Why does Mo'amba tell Ben that the crak'an are now able to get through many of the mimi'swee's defenses?
(a) The crak'an have a new weapon.
(b) There are new tunnels developing.
(c) The crak'an are becoming smarter.
(d) The mold that is poisonous to the crak'an is dying.

11. What does Khalid say when he first catches up with Linda, Blakely and Jason in chapter twenty-five?
(a) You will all die.
(b) How appropriate that a thunderclap should precede my storm.
(c) Allah has smiled on me this day.
(d) My fair lovely Linda, you will die a traitor's death.

12. Why does Sin'jari say that he has learned his enemy?
(a) To understand them.
(b) To use them.
(c) To find a date for Saturday night.
(d) To kill them.

13. What surprises Mo'amba about the child in the ceremony in chapter twenty-seven?
(a) It is twins.
(b) It is a heri'huti.
(c) It is a girl.
(d) It is sick.

14. What does Sandy say when Ben asks her where Blakely is at?
(a) She thinks Blakely made it out on the elevator.
(b) She hadn't seen Blakely the day of the attack.
(c) Blakely was shot.
(d) Blakely and Jason were running last she saw.

15. What does Harry say when Jason says that Khalid said the bomb would go off if you took the belt off?
(a) He wishes.
(b) Not in this lifetime.
(c) He lied.
(d) Only if the wires are left intact.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Michaelson say when he comes to see Ashley in her cell in chapter thirty-four?

2. What does Ashley and Ben's guide do after defecating beside the trail in chapter twenty-one?

3. What does Mo'amba tell Ben that a heri'huti is?

4. What does Ashley say when Michaelson asks if Mo'amba is going to be alright?

5. Why does Jason tell Linda that he knows that Khalid intends to kill him in chapter thirty-one?

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