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James Rollins
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the drums begin to sound in chapter twenty-four what does Ben find odd?
(a) That the drums sound so far away.
(b) That Ashley is so calm.
(c) That all of the mimi'swee have left.
(d) That he is calm.

2. What does Mo'amba tell Ben that he must do in order to succeed in chapter thirty?
(a) Never return to the mimi'swee.
(b) Leave Ashley to her fate.
(c) Trust in the mimi'swee.
(d) Listen to his blood.

3. When Ben and Ashley first see the creatures flying towards them in the sky, what does Ben answer when Ashley asks what they are?
(a) Something hungry.
(b) More monsters.
(c) Not a snow white dove.
(d) A meat-eaterasaurus.

4. What story does Harry say that the three hunters are telling when Ben's group stops to rest in chapter thirty-one?
(a) The story about the beginning of time.
(b) About an exodus.
(c) Talking about who will kill the next crak'an.
(d) Taking bets on who gets sick first.

5. What does the cave dweller give Ben and Ashley the knife for after they have crossed the field in chapter twenty-one?
(a) To cut off the leaches.
(b) To make them family.
(c) To fight.
(d) To put him to work.

6. Why does Sandy tell Ben she didn't evacuate with the others?
(a) There was no evacuation, just an attack.
(b) She was not military personnel.
(c) She isn't sure.
(d) She went back for papers and got separated from her group.

7. What does Mo'amba tell Ben about his mission in chapter thirty?
(a) He will fail.
(b) Mo'amba must go with him.
(c) He must go alone.
(d) He will not fail.

8. What does Mo'amba say when he first stands to speak on Ashley and Ben's behalf in chapter twenty-seven?
(a) The gods are angry with us, not the newcomers.
(b) They are not to blame.
(c) They are the mim'swee's only chance of survival.
(d) They are to blame.

9. What do Nob'cobi and Harry do to get the crak'an's attention that is in front of Jason in chapter thirty-four?
(a) Turn on a radio.
(b) Turn on a car.
(c) Bang pots together.
(d) Shoot off guns.

10. What does Khalid tell Linda to do with Jason before he will reset the timer in chapter thirty-two?
(a) Give him some sleeping pills.
(b) Agree to leave him behind.
(c) Handcuff him to a broken down jeep.
(d) Tie him up.

11. What happens that attracts the attention of the crak'an nick named Tiny Time in chapter thirty-two?
(a) Nob'cobi sneezes.
(b) Harry trips over a gun and it goes off.
(c) The group tries to open a door and it falls off its hinges.
(d) Ben trips and his gun goes off.

12. In chapter thirty-three what does Linda realize about the charges that Khalid is setting?
(a) They are set at communications systems.
(b) They will not leave her or Khalid a way out.
(c) They will bring the volcano down on the cavern.
(d) They are equally set apart in length.

13. What do Linda, Khalid, and Jason find in chapter thirty-one that first indicates that they are near the main base?
(a) A mess of fishing gear.
(b) A crate with supplies.
(c) A satellite.
(d) An electric jeep.

14. What does Tru'gula say to Ashley when he comes to see her in prison?
(a) Mo'amba wise, Mo'amba trust you.
(b) You eyes innocent.
(c) I see dream Mo'amba.
(d) You free.

15. In chapter twenty-eight, what does Mo'amba say is causing the death of the fungi in the caves?
(a) The gods are angered.
(b) An angered spirit.
(c) Other fungi on the bodies of the newcomers.
(d) An imbalance between the male and female spirit.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Khalid say when he first catches up with Linda, Blakely and Jason in chapter twenty-five?

2. In chapter twenty-seven, what does Harry compare the taste of the 'rotgut booze' he used to get information from the locals to?

3. What does Sandy say about the reinforcements that came down the elevator when the radio equipment went out?

4. What does Khalid answer when Linda yells that she said she would help him and there is no need to hurt Jason in chapter thirty-two?

5. What does Harry explain is going on when the council member puts her egg in a nest in the middle of the council in chapter twenty-seven?

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