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James Rollins
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Blakely say when Roland says that the monsters are attacking from every direction in chapter sixteen?
(a) They will have to be lucky.
(b) They aren't attacking from the south.
(c) They are only attacking from land.
(d) They are coming from only certain caves.

2. What concerns Ashley in chapter ten about Michaelson's backpack?
(a) It has Michael's brother's name on it.
(b) It has skull and cross bones on it.
(c) He hasn't got any food or water in it.
(d) The amount of ammunition and guns it carries.

3. What does Ben do in chapter six when Linda asks if she can open the window in the Sno-Cat?
(a) Ben laughs and says he needs some air too.
(b) Ben begins to cough saying he is catching a cold.
(c) Ben rolls down his window.
(d) Ben squeezes Ashley's hand.

4. After looking at the dwellings, what does Ashley announce she knows just from looking at them?
(a) They were not homes.
(b) They couldn't have been for more than one clan.
(c) They weren't built by Homo sapiens.
(d) They weren't abandoned intentionally.

5. What does Khalid say is the critical stipulation for exploration of Antartica?
(a) That there must be photographs taken from numerous angels.
(b) That it must be protected from damage.
(c) That it must be closely documented.
(d) That nothing can be removed from the site.

6. What does Khalid do once across the bridge in chapter seven?
(a) Puts a wireless transmitter on an outbuilding.
(b) Sends a message on his phone.
(c) Wires explosives to the elevators.
(d) Puts a back pack under a canister.

7. What does Ashley answer when Ben asks her "Do you trust him?" in chapter three?
(a) Not at all.
(b) I don't know.
(c) Who?
(d) I haven't thought about it.

8. What does Ben find that indicates that Halloway is ahead of them?
(a) His gun.
(b) His transport board.
(c) His backpack.
(d) Fresh blood.

9. What does Ben's grandfather warn him of in the third dream he has in chapter seventeen?
(a) Stay clear of the monster's nest.
(b) Go down, not up.
(c) Get back to the surface immediately.
(d) Don't drink the water.

10. Why does Michaelson say that he joined in the army?
(a) It was expected of him.
(b) He and his brother joined together.
(c) His while family is in the army.
(d) It was either jail or the army.

11. What does Michaelson say about Ben's file in chapter five?
(a) He hasn't read it.
(b) It was sparse.
(c) It indicated Ben should be locked up permanently.
(d) It is very impressive.

12. In chapter eight, what does Ashley explain about dig sites?
(a) They have to be treated like sacred relics.
(b) They have to looked at by multiple people.
(c) They develop their own character or soul.
(d) They need to be explored in a precise cataloged order.

13. What is Ben able to deduct about Linda and she confirms in chapter seven?
(a) She is frightened of the dark.
(b) She is claustrophobic.
(c) She has an ulterior motive for being on the expedition.
(d) She is sick.

14. In chapter fifteen, what does Michaelson say happened when he tried to contact the main base?
(a) The radio is broken.
(b) They can't get out because of the rock.
(c) He got a man saying that Blakely was no longer in charge.
(d) He only got static.

15. What does Ashley ask Blakely while they are traveling down into the caverns in the elevators in chapter six?
(a) If they are going to need passes to get past security.
(b) If they are going to investigate the continent or rape it.
(c) Why there aren't any stairs.
(d) If they are going to need weapons.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Khalid tell Linda in chapter twenty?

2. What does Flattery tell Blakely in chapter nine when Blakely tells him again that they are properly armed?

3. In chapter four, how does Ashley compare herself to Linda?

4. What does Blakely tell Ashley when she asks if the site has been dated?

5. In chapter nineteen, what does Michaelson do to make Ashely and Ben go ahead without him when they are being trailed?

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