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James Rollins
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Khalid compare the Antarctic dig to in chapter four?
(a) The Lost City of Atlantis.
(b) The California gold rush.
(c) Manhattan Project.
(d) The Titanic expedition.

2. What does Blakely tell Ashley about Michaelson's relationship to the first team that went in?
(a) His brother was with the first team.
(b) Michaelson's wife was with the first team.
(c) Michaelson was supposed to go with the first team but got sick.
(d) He was in charge of the first team.

3. What does Khalid tell Linda in chapter twenty?
(a) His real name is not Khalid.
(b) He was chosen because of his geology background.
(c) He has fallen in love with her.
(d) If he doesn't do what he is assigned his family will be killed.

4. What reason does Linda have for going through Khalid's backpack in chapter nineteen?
(a) She was curious if he had any more pain pills in it.
(b) Looking for a cigarette.
(c) Looking for food.
(d) Looking for batteries.

5. What does Michaelson say when Ashley asks if Halloway is waiting for them down below?
(a) He sent Halloway back up ahead of him.
(b) Who is Halloway?
(c) He didn't see anyone.
(d) Yes.

6. What does Ben tell Ashley in chapter twelve, after she and Halloway have a confrontation.
(a) You did good. But you didn't make a friend.
(b) That could have gone better.
(c) He reminds me of a bloke that used to take my lunch money.
(d) Watch your back around him.

7. What does Blakely tell Jason he needs after collapsing on the floor in chapter twenty?
(a) A doctor.
(b) Nitro pills.
(c) Some food.
(d) Some sleep.

8. What does Blakely tell Ashley when she asks if the site has been dated?
(a) About three thousand years.
(b) It has been carbon dated at five-point-two million years.
(c) Not yet.
(d) They have conflicting information about the dates.

9. What does Ben tell Ashley that a symbol, similar to the one in the cave, stood for among his grandmother's Aboriginal tribe?
(a) Courage.
(b) A spirit people.
(c) The afterlife.
(d) A dream state.

10. What does Ashley tell Major Michaelson that she wants clear in chapter four?
(a) That Michaelson is not wanted.
(b) That the team is hers.
(c) That the millitary is to stay out of her way.
(d) That she won't let guns be brought on the trip.

11. What slows down the retreat that Ben and Michaelson make from the monsters in chapter fifteen?
(a) They have lost their flashlights.
(b) Ben has been shot.
(c) Michaelson has hurt his leg.
(d) They don't know which way the others are.

12. Who does Ben see in his dream in chapter eleven?
(a) Ashley.
(b) His grandmother.
(c) An odd creature.
(d) His grandfather.

13. In chapter seventeen before Ashley goes back to sleep, what question does Linda ask Ashley?
(a) How are they going to tellt he base where they are at?
(b) Why are there tunnels to the fungi chambers?
(c) Where is the food that feeds the monsters?
(d) How are they going to get Villanueva home?

14. What does Khalid do to the guard in chapter seven when the guard takes two of Khalid's cigarettes?
(a) Stabs him in the stomach.
(b) Cuts his throat.
(c) Strangles him.
(d) Stabs him in the back.

15. What does Ben do in chapter six when Linda asks if she can open the window in the Sno-Cat?
(a) Ben laughs and says he needs some air too.
(b) Ben squeezes Ashley's hand.
(c) Ben rolls down his window.
(d) Ben begins to cough saying he is catching a cold.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Villanueva say he feels like after the attack with the monster?

2. What obstacle did Michaelson find in chapter twelve that he suggests they had better try and get over before they camp for the night?

3. After examining the dead body of one of the creatures in chapter fifteen, what does Linda say that the animal resembles?

4. After looking at the dwellings, what does Ashley announce she knows just from looking at them?

5. What does Michaelson say might rub off of Jason onto Ben since they were hanging out so much in chapter five?

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