The Subject Was Roses Short Essay - Answer Key

Frank D. Gilroy
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1. What is the setting and date for "The Subject was Roses", and why are they significant?

"The Subject was Roses" is set in a middle class apartment located in the West Bronx of New York. The year is 1946, which is significant because the war has recently ended, allowing Timmy Cleary to return home to his parents. The apartment itself indicates the family's income level, which is not wealthy, but modestly above poverty.

2. What is the state of the Clearys' apartment in the beginning of the play and why?

The apartment is shows signs of the party the family had the night before to celebrate Timmy's return home from the army. The banner they made for him is sagging; there is a beer keg left out, and a stack of chairs indicating that there were most likely more guests, than just the three family members.

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