Daily Lessons for Teaching The Subject Was Roses

Frank D. Gilroy
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Objective: Act 1, Scene 1 "The Subject was Roses" is set in the New York apartment of Nettie and John Cleary, who have just welcomed their son home from the war. This lesson is about the time and setting of the play and their role in the story.

1) Class Discussion: In what year does the play take place? Why is this important? What is it about the year that establishes the state of the family and the country? Historically, what is significant about the year 1946? What events have just taken place and how do they relate to the characters in the play?

2) Writing and Analysis: Have the class take fifteen minutes to write down three ways the time and setting contribute to the plot. Afterward, talk about the answers and which ones the class thinks contribute the most.

3) Partner or Group Discussion: What is interesting about the city that...

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