The Subject Was Roses Fun Activities

Frank D. Gilroy
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Cleary Family Poem

Write a poem about the Cleary family and its members based on the events in the play, "The Subject was Roses". The poem can be serious or humorous.

Interview with Timmy

Write out an interview with Timmy, including both the questions and his responses. The interview can take place at any point during the play or in the future. Use the information in the play to help speculate his answers as necessary.

Scene It

This activity is for the entire class. Split the class up into groups of three. Each group will choose one scene from the play to act out. The members of the group will become the characters and should take on their mannerisms as well. Each group presents their scene in turn. Note: There can be notes or cue cards made to read from.


Imagine that Nettie, Timmy, and John were...

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