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Frank D. Gilroy
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Essay Topic 1

The beginning of "The Subject was Roses" is an introduction to the Cleary family and the setting of their home.

1) Describe the period that the play takes place in and why it is relevant to the story.

2) Describe the apartment that the Clearys live in and how it reflects the situation their family is in.

3) Explain the events from the night before that have led up to the beginning of the play, including why they are important to the rest of the story that follows.

Essay Topic 2

Nettie and John have a different approach to Timmy as he returns home. They are both contrasting and revealing at the same time. Explain in detail both parents' view of their son and his situation at the beginning of the play. Use specific examples from the play to describe how those views affect each character.

Essay Topic 3

John admires...

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