The Subject Was Roses Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Frank D. Gilroy
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Act 1, Scene 1

• The play is set in 1946, as Timmy Cleary returns home from the war.

• The middle class West Bronx, NY apartment has remnants of the welcome home party from the night before.

• John admires his son's army jacket, even trying it on while no one is looking.

• Nettie warns John about his drinking, stating that Timmy is following his lead, causing him to become sick the previous night.

• John tells Nettie that Timmy is grown and will make his own decisions.

• Nettie has made waffles, Timmy's favorite breakfast, as John leaves for an appointment.

• Timmy and his mother dance the way they used to before he left, and John returns, instead of going to the appointment, to take his son to a football game, leaving Nettie alone.

Act 1, Scene 2

• Timmy and John are laughing as a result of the good time they had at the game.

• John...

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