Stuck in Neutral Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Shawn think that it is cool to live in Seattle?

Shawn thinks that it is cool to live in Seattle because he likes so many things about Seattle in general and the particular spot in Seattle in which his house is located. Shawn likes the rain, although he is aware that many people do not. He also likes that his house is about a mile from the Space Needle, the arena where the Sonics play, and the Pacific Science Center. He also likes living about a mile and a half from the unofficial former Grunge Capital of the universe, Bell Town.

2. How does Shawn's special gift progress and strengthen?

Shawn becomes aware of his special gift gradually, and it strengthens as he grows older. When Shawn is about three or four he starts to remember most of what he hears. By the time he is five years old, everything he hears is stored in his memory. From that time, he has perfect recall and his special gift is at full power.

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