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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Shawn mention women in a Maxfield Parrish painting?
(a) It is his favorite painting.
(b) The painting is visible to him when he lies in bed.
(c) Ally resembles one of those women.
(d) It is a bad omen that the painting fell off the wall in his mother's room.

2. What does the reader know for sure Vonda has in her purse?
(a) Shawn's father's book.
(b) Nail polish.
(c) A cell phone.
(d) Glitter.

3. What phrase is confusing to Shawn at first because of his lack of experience?
(a) Cigarette drag.
(b) Postal worker.
(c) Chicken soup.
(d) Turkey dressing.

4. What is the pain that Dad speaks of wanting to end for Shawn?
(a) The pain of grand mal seizures.
(b) The pain of muscle spasms.
(c) The pain of knowing a loveless life.
(d) The pain associated with bleeding in the brain.

5. What is newsworthy about Collin?
(a) He appears in a PBS Special about disabled children.
(b) He appears on the Alice Ponds show.
(c) He has a special motorized wheelchair.
(d) He is smothered.

Short Answer Questions

1. What item is not in Shawn's father's bedroom?

2. What does Shawn think about the city in which he lives?

3. What kind of perfume does Shawn remember his mother wearing?

4. What does Shawn say interferes with his ability to secure a close, intimate relationship with a girl?

5. In the first verse of the poem that Sydney writes, what animal does he use to refer to Shawn?

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