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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is Earl Detraux's son?
(a) Three years old.
(b) Five years old.
(c) Two years old.
(d) Four years old.

2. In Shawn's opinion, the fame of the poem turned his father into a professional what?
(a) Talk show guest.
(b) Writer.
(c) Victim.
(d) Philanthropist.

3. In Chapter 7, why is it necessary to file an incident report?
(a) Because Shawn fell out of his wheelchair.
(b) Because Shawn cracked his skull.
(c) Because William accidentally broke Shawn's arm.
(d) Because William turns out to be cruel.

4. What does Shawn's father always do to Shawn when he comes to visit?
(a) Makes Shawn sit up straighter in his wheelchair.
(b) Reads the first stanza of the award-winning poem.
(c) Brings a vanilla cookie.
(d) Bends his thumbs backward.

5. Why does Shawn say that he doesn't really have a body?
(a) Because he has cerebral palsy.
(b) Because he has never been able to see what he looks like.
(c) Because his body doesn't work right.
(d) Because his life has always just been in his head.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Shawn tells Ally that he loves her, what word or phrase does he almost add?

2. During the doozy of a seizure that Shawn has during the Alice Ponds Show, what does Shawn experience?

3. In the stanza of the poem at the beginning of Chapter 7, Shawn's expression is described as what?

4. What color are the dog's eyes?

5. What do Cindy's friends do in front of Shawn that he sees as a "silver lining?"

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