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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the crow land?
(a) On the railing under the overhanging branches.
(b) On the rear-view mirror on his father's car.
(c) On Shawn's spare wheelchair.
(d) On the telephone line in the alley behind the house.

2. Why does the school district send out a school psychologist each year?
(a) To satisfy the standardized test requirement.
(b) To administer tests to Shawn for IEPs.
(c) Because Shawn must pass the test before being promoted.
(d) Because Shawn is diagnosed as psychologically damaged.

3. Why does Shawn get confused about some aspects and experiences of life?
(a) Because hearing about things is not as informative as experiencing things yourself.
(b) Because he cannot turn his head voluntarily.
(c) Because his brain injury causes hallucinations sometimes.
(d) Because his family shelters him intentionally.

4. How does Mom try to comfort Cindy about the dog?
(a) By mentioning that many people believe in life after death.
(b) By wiping the tears from her face.
(c) By crying along with Cindy.
(d) By handing her a box of tissues.

5. What happens when Shawn awakens from a seizure?
(a) He sees light blue swirls.
(b) His spirit is forced back inside his body.
(c) He sees red swirls.
(d) He has a crackling feeling.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Shawn think that he understood what death looked like before the dog died?

2. What is Shawn's birth order?

3. What does Shawn not know at the time that he sees the dog killed?

4. Shawn thinks that his father does love him, although he is freaked out by what?

5. What allows Shawn to witness the dog's moment of death?

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