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Cerebral Palsy

This condition prohibits communication and is central to the story.

The Poem Shawn

This object concerns a relationship and brings fame, fortune, and opportunity.


This object is occupied most days, and is once associated with a fall and a broken arm.


Many, many details are known about this object, which has been in the same location for too many years to count.

Kitchen Window

This object provides visual access to interior and exterior activity.

Detraux Videotape

This object is associated with death and generates controversy in a public forum.

Pulitzer Prize

Conferred for excellence in writing, this object brings fame and fortune to the recipient.

Quilted Pillow

Seemingly innocuous, this object may be implicated in a murder.

Shoreline High School

A location that contains a "friggin' zoo."

Seattle, Washington

A location considered a hundred times cooler than you can believe.

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