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Chapter 1

• Shawn introduces himself and explains that his life is like one of those "good news--bad news" jokes.

• First, Shawn explains the good news. Shawn lives in Seattle near the Space Needle and that he has two older, cool siblings. His sister, Cindy, is three years older and his brother, Paul, is two years older. Shawn is fourteen, almost fifteen.

• Shawn has a weird gift or power. He has total and perfect recall of everything he hears. This gift starts when he is three or four and by the time he is five he remembers everything he hears.

• Shawn does not think this gift means he is special, and Shawn actually hates the word "special" when it is applied to people.
• Then, Shawn explains the bad news. Life for his entire family changed when he is born.

• Shawn's parents were divorced ten years ago because of him. Shawn...

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